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Want to know what it takes to become an elite media buying ad agency? The answer isn’t getting as many clients as you can so that you can continuously replace the ones who fall off. On this episode, Mike Buontempo and Brad Weimert from the Beyond A Million podcast talk about what it takes to build a strong, seven figure business including why it’s important to deliver an exceptional service even if it’s to a smaller list of clients.

Find out if you would be good fit and hop on a call with one of our experts to identify the weak points in your advertising. We’ll help you put together a personalized plan of attack for becoming more profitable this year.

Show Notes

– Why YouTube is the best platform to advertise your high ticket coaching or consulting business on

– How we grew our media buying ad agency from 0 to 40+ employees

– How we started making $150k – 200k per month from one client.

– How Mike went from simple posts on Facebook to $30,000 MRR — even though he didn’t intend to start an agency

– CTR’s, ROAS, CRM’s, And More — A Masterclass In Media Buying Ad Agency Acronyms

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