You’re ready to scale your business, but you don’t feel like you have time to scale and continue to coach with the clients you already have. 

Listen, we totally get it…

The balancing act of bringing in new clients through sales and fulfilling those clients through operations is a never-ending battle. 


That problem puts you in a very unique position to balance both. 

We have helped over 250 coaches and consultants with scaling their businesses through paid advertising. 

Most of these have been 6-figure and 7-figure businesses where the 6-figure business owner wanted to get to 7 figures and the 7-figure owners to 8.

In this article, we are going to discuss the golden nuggets we’ve uncovered from a paid ads perspective for growing and scaling your coaching business

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Is It Time to Scale Your Coaching Business?

There are so many different variables going into whether or not it’s the right time to scale your coaching business:  

  • Life Situation
  • Business Situation
  • Economy

Expanding While Others Are Contracting

However, the basic principle here is always focusing on expanding even when others are contracting.

Prime example, COVID hits, and tons of businesses close. Most business owners are terrified they’re going to lose their business and rightfully so. 

The problem is that the “the economy is bad” language starts to become a crutch and an excuse not to do what it takes to get to the next level. 

When the CEO starts saying it in meetings, all team members start talking about it amongst themselves, amongst their families, et cetera. 

Focus On The Things In Your Control

The point is that no matter what situation you’re in, you can always do better and focus on the things that you have control over versus the things that you don’t.

This is the mindset that we embody at CA and the mindset we are looking for our clients to embody as well. 

5 Ways to Scale Your Offer & Find More Clients

Let’s dive into the 5 methods that will help scale your offer: 

Method #1

Paid Advertising.  

I know what you’re thinking…

Of course, the media buying agency would advocate for paid advertising. Well, one of the biggest reasons for our success as an agency is getting BIG results for our clients.

If we didn’t get results and help scale businesses to multiple 6, 7, and even 8 figures, then we wouldn’t exist or be writing this article today.

Paid advertising is easily the best method to scale your coaching business in today’s world. 

When you get your offer, ad messaging, and funnel dialed in, you’ll be able to recruit your dollars to work for you. Paid ads can be a predictable model for you to build your business on as well.

If they are run right, then you can say “I’d like to put ‘X’ amount of dollars in and get ‘X’ amount of dollars back”.

For example, let’s say you sell a $10k coaching program and you’re willing to pay $3,500 for a new customer. When you dial in your paid advertising, it simply boils down to numbers.

If you want to get 10 more customers with paid ads, then you need to spend $35k to get $100k back. There are very few instruments in the world that give you a return on your investment as such! 

Scaling a Coaching Business Through Paid Advertising

Method #2

Email Marketing.

If you’re currently running paid advertising and you’re not leveraging email marketing, then you are missing out big time. This has got to be one of the easiest ways to pick up more clients.

Let’s say you drive 100 users to a landing page, of those 100 users, 20 opted in and became a lead, and 5 of those leads actually booked a call with you.

There is a lot we can do about the 80 people who didn’t opt-in through other retargeting efforts. However, what about the 15 people who opted in and didn’t book a call? 

Surely there is one person out of those who probably just didn’t have time to book or got distracted.

Great Low Hanging Fruit

This pool of warm leads is one of the biggest targets for our email marketing efforts, especially if all we have to do is connect our email marketing platform to our opt-in form and then write a few emails which will be sent out to everyone who opts in automatically. 

This is amazing low-hanging fruit that shockingly a lot of coaches are still sleeping on. 

Scaling a Coaching Business Through Email Marketing

Method #3

Organic Marketing.

We have been doubling down on organic marketing for our company. 

Building off results is one of our core functions of growth as a company, when Mike began posting the results he was getting for our clients on Facebook, he began piling on more and more clients.

Our core focus has been around putting together really strong case studies showing proof of the results we’ve gotten for our clients and exactly how we were able to do it. 

Until this day, we have been getting some of our best-quality clients coming in from organic marketing efforts, and in Quarter 1, 2023 over 70% of our closes had consumed a case study.

Organic marketing is yet another inexpensive marketing method to layer on to get more clients for your coaching business.

Method #4

Buy Back Principle.

The Buy Back Principle is based on a book called Buy Back Your Time

The basic concept is that, as an entrepreneur with a Get Sh*t Done (GSD) mentality, it can be incredibly easy to lose sight of why you got into business in the first place.

As an incredibly productive person, you can easily start taking on tasks that you actually hate doing for the sake of “I’m the only person that can get it done right”.

This is how many entrepreneurs mistakenly become the administrators of their businesses. What you need to do is first discover your buyback rate (BBR).

Let’s say you’re a business owner paying yourself $100k per year from your business.

This is the formula to follow to determine your BBR:

$100k / 2000 (working hours per year) = $50/hour

Now multiply your earnings per hour by 1/4 and this is the amount you can afford to go out and hire.

$50/hour * 0.25 = $12.50/hour

Buy Back Principle

Hire An Assistant

Once you have determined your initial BBR, you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to go out and hire an assistant to help you get some of the tasks you hate doing off your plate.

This will allow you to focus more on your genius and the production tasks you’re best at which drive the most revenue for your business.

Method #5

Ascension Model.

Another important question to ask yourself is, “Where can I be offering more value to my existing customers?”.

A lot of coaches tend to carry limiting beliefs about how much they can charge for their programs and think that the limit is around $10-$25k.

However, we have worked with multiple clients who have charged $50k and even 6 figures for very high-value programs. Implementing higher-ticket programs that deliver maximum value to your specific customer can be an amazing way to increase your margins.

Not only that, but you’ll be working more closely with people you already like and have established a relationship with, making your role more fulfilling. 

Scale Your Coaching Business With This 7-Step Process

Our comprehensive 7-step process to maximize the effectiveness of advertising for coaching services starts with: 

  • Showcasing your best case studies through engaging videos and running paid advertising traffic
  • Implementing email marketing campaigns 
  • Setting up Hyros for effective tracking

It highlights the importance of:

  • Marketing Qualified Lead process to optimize sales calendars
  • Utilizing the Buy Back Principle to make strategic hires
  • Creating an Ascension Model to upsell existing customers into higher-ticket programs

Follow these steps to transform your advertising efforts and drive remarkable growth for your consulting business.

Step #1

Post your best case studies online.

Pick your best case studies out of the existing results you’ve gotten for your customers.

  1. Make a 10-25 minute video going over the results you got with that customer and exactly how you did it. 
  2. (If your Facebook friends list is all friends & family members) Join a bunch of Facebook groups where your target customers are hanging out and begin adding as many of the members of those groups as possible.
  3. Post a link to the case study on Facebook.

Case Study Structure Example

Step #2

Start running paid advertising traffic.

Click here to hire Client Accelerators to run your paid advertising traffic 😉

In all seriousness, once you have a proven offer, the odds are that more people will be looking for your service at scale and this is a good indication you should start testing paid advertising to scale your business.

Step #3

Implement email marketing campaigns.

Once you have traffic flowing to your website, start running email campaigns to pick up leads who fall off in the funnel.

Step #4

Set up Hyros for your business.

To scale effectively, you’ll need to dial in your tracking. Hyros is the best tracking platform we’ve ever seen for coaches.

Click here to learn more about Hyros

Step #5

Set up a Marketing Qualified Lead process to optimize your sales calendars.

When your calendars start getting booked out, it’s time to optimize. Let’s get those pesky, fence-sitting tire kickers off your salespeople’s calendar.

Leverage your application page on your funnel to qualify and disqualify leads so that only qualified prospects show up on your salespeople’s calendar. 

You can follow our signature MQL Process that is detailed here.

Step #6

Use the Buy Back Principle to get the help you need so you can focus on your zone of genius.

Make the ‘right’ hires for the ‘right’ price based on the BBR you discovered above. When you delegate non-essential tasks to others, you can now focus on your core strengths and expertise in your coaching business. 

By identifying time-consuming or non-specialized activities, you can determine the ideal areas to delegate to qualified individuals. 

Making the “right” hires means finding individuals with the necessary skills, experience, and alignment with your company’s values and culture. 

Embrace Your Zone Of Genius

This principle aims to optimize efficiency and effectiveness by freeing up your time to focus on high-value activities, such as developing services, nurturing client relationships, and driving business growth. 

Embracing the Buy Back Principle empowers you to leverage your strengths and expertise, resulting in significant growth and success for your coaching business.

Step #7

Create an Ascension Model. 

Creating an Ascension Model is a powerful strategy for maximizing revenue and client value in your coaching business. 

This approach involves offering a ladder of progressively higher-priced services to your clients as they advance along their customer journey. 

The model begins with an accessible entry-level service that addresses specific needs, followed by a mid-tier offer that expands on the benefits of the initial one. 

As clients experience success and trust in your offerings, they are introduced to a premium, high-ticket program that provides an intensive, exclusive, and results-driven experience. 

Upselling Your Existing Customers To Increase LTV

You can keep upselling your existing customers into even higher-ticket programs. 

By implementing an Ascension Model, you can increase customer lifetime value, enhance satisfaction, streamline the sales process, and build stronger client relationships, ultimately propelling your consulting business to new heights of success.

Take Your Coaching Business to the Next Level With the Right Ads

Now you know how to market your coaching business and the different ways to scale your coaching business and get more clients. 

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