If your current marketing strategies aren’t bringing in the number of clients you want for your coaching business, you’re not alone.

In the coaching industry, a strategic and adaptable coaching marketing approach is essential for capturing the interest and confidence of potential clients. 

This comprehensive guide will provide actionable insights that will invigorate your marketing efforts and get more coaching clients.

Consider this a roadmap to craft a robust marketing for coaches strategy that resonates with your target audience. 

Whether you’re a seasoned coach or newer on your coaching journey, these indispensable strategies are tailored to amplify your online presence, magnify your message, and forge lasting connections with potential clients for unparalleled growth.

Why You’re Losing Clients to Your Current Marketing Efforts

Your marketing should make running your business easier by plugging in the right clients into your operations. Because when you plug the right clients into your business, it flows seamlessly and prevents fires from occurring.

On the other hand, when you plug the wrong clients into your business, it could wreak havoc on your operations and lead you upon a downward spiral of legal issues and suck your business dry of all the fun you could be having.

We are a paid advertising company…so why do we care about operations?

Our paid advertising philosophy is built around bringing in the ‘right’ clients for the people we work with.

In today’s article, we’re going to dive deep into how to market a coaching business to get the right clients and more to help you drive good growth for your business while avoiding the ugliness of that downward spiral.

6 Amazing Marketing Strategies for Coaches in 2023

Strategy #1: Move Away From The Old Paradigm Of Optimizing For Cheap Booked Calls And Leads Plus Other Vanity Metrics

In order to get the right clients for your business, we need to shift our mindsets from the old paradigm of “I need the cheapest booked calls we can get”, “I need the cheapest leads”, and “We need to be driving our costs down to increase profitability”, etc into a new one.

The new mindset focuses on costs, yes.

You’ll always need to focus on your costs because if your costs are greater than your revenue, then you’re not making money.

However, we need to be focusing on the right costs, the right metrics, and the right campaigns in order to bring in the right clients.

So what are the right metrics we focus on?

For you to understand what metrics we focus all of our efforts on, we’ll need to get a couple of definitions and acronyms out of the way.

MQL stands for Marketing Qualified Lead

A marketing-qualified lead is a lead who fits into all the qualifications you need to see in your leads for them to be a great fit for your business.

CPMQL stands for Cost Per Marketing Qualified Lead

The cost per marketing qualified lead now tells you how much it costs to get this specific avatar on the phone with your salespeople.

These terms are great, but now how do you start measuring them so you can identify the ads with the best costs?

How To Begin Measuring Your Qualified Lead Costs

The measuring tool we use in order to tie qualified lead costs all the way down to the ad level in our campaigns is called Hyros.

measuring qualified lead costs

Set Up Buckets

In Hyros, we are able to set up buckets that tell us whether or not the leads we are getting from our campaigns are:

SMQL = Super Marketing Qualified Lead

MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead

NQL = Non-Qualified Lead

With this feature, we gain a clear overview of lead quality, ensuring our attention is directed toward the most promising prospects. 

Hyros’ sophisticated lead tracking not only aids in efficient management but also plays a pivotal role in optimizing resource allocation and targeting efforts, ultimately contributing to more effective and streamlined client acquisition strategies.

Here’s what our Lead Tagging looks like in Hyros

lead tagging in hyros

Isolating Qualified Leads In Reports

As you pull your reports, you can isolate the !smql and !mql tags in order to purely see your amount of qualified leads and booked calls per ad platform.

In this example, we’ve isolated the marketing-qualified leads and super-qualified leads for one of our clients.

Using this strategy, we’ve been able to bring him 17,396 qualified booked calls since July 1st, 2022 and his cost pre-qualified booking is sitting extremely well at $319.34.

isolating qualified leads

Drilling All The Way Down To The Ad Level

We can even dive deeper to be able to see all of the qualified bookings we’ve got down to the ad level.

In the example below, we can see that Google itself brought in 10,895 qualified bookings and this one campaign alone brought in 1,143 of those.

Then one of the individual ads brought in 897 qualified bookings.

We can see this information for all of our campaigns and ads across the board!

qualified bookings from ads

Measuring this data and being able to use it to make improvements is the key to bringing in the ‘right’ clients versus the wrong clients for your business. (Click here to learn more about how to set this up for yourself).

Strategy #2: Capturing Your Audience's Attention Effortlessly Through Disruptive Advertising

One of the biggest challenges in paid advertising is creating an ad that will take someone from what they were just about to do into doing what we want them to do.

Ranging anywhere from ‘about to watch their favorite YouTuber’ all the way to ‘I wonder what my grandma is up to?’.

While Mr. Beast’s new video on the world’s largest hamburger and grandma’s last vacation where she went hunting for jaguars are both pretty interesting, we want to disrupt what they were just about to do and get them to take action on our ad instead.

(Sorry Grandma and Mr. Beast)

Hence Disruptive Advertising…

One of the best ways we disrupt user activity and even call out the exact people we want to watch the ad is through our pattern interrupt hooks.

For example, this Douglas James ad is sure to catch anyone’s attention who is even remotely interested in real estate.

Or even this ad we made with Kate Byars for executive women…

In this highly engaging, fun, and creative ad, Russ Ruffino does an amazing job at reeling his audience in.

Strategy #3: Using Trend Infiltration To Make More Engaging Ads Your Audience Will Love

Everyone has a favorite TV show or a movie including your audience!

Why not use it to your advantage and create parody ads using the main characters?

Like Dean did in this Wizard of Affiliate Marketing ad…

Or like he did in this King of Affiliate Marketing ad…

Is it just me or does he really pull off those capes pretty well?

On a serious note, if you infiltrate trends you know your target audience is paying attention to, then the likelihood of you getting them to like you is tenfold.

Your relatability becomes much higher plus these ads are an absolute blast to make, especially if you have a knack for entertainment.

Strategy #4: The Creative Refresh Strategy To Get More Juice Out Of Your Ads

Even if your ads are fun, engaging, and informative, they’ll start to lose their effectiveness after a while. That’s because people just get bored watching the same ad over and over again.

Not only that, but marketers also need to compete with millions of other advertisers to get the attention of their audiences. 

How can you possibly stand out in such a crowded landscape?

Many marketers stop using an ad forever once it quits working. But it costs a ton of money to produce new creatives, and doing so can drain even the largest advertising budgets fast.

Plus, what happens if the new ad doesn’t work as well as the old one? Then you’ve lost thousands of dollars, or maybe even more.

Using the Creative Refresh Strategy, we were able to successfully run the same creatives for Internet Profits for over a year! 

This Facebook advertising strategy involves running 3 winning creatives one month, then switching them out with 3 different ads the next. Swapping out the ads kept them fresh and enabled Internet Profits to reach more people month after month.

Not only that, but we’ve been scaling quarter over quarter and in Q1 of 2023, he was able to achieve $533,461.66 in Revenue and Profit of $267,700.30.

creative refresh strategy data example

Strategy #5: Creating TikTok Ads That Last Forever

The biggest challenge to overcome with TikTok is their auto-fatiguing feature where they literally tank your ads performance after 2-3 weeks.

What we have found to work the best and for the longest durations of time follows this exact principle: “an ad that doesn’t seem like an ad.”

This means making native-styled content that just happens to have a call to action at the end. 

Here are the results of our invincible ads that lasted 1200.8% longer than the average TikTok creative:

The Self-Interview ad: How Much Money Can Someone Make Selling Leads To Online Businesses.


Cost: $20,541.22

Revenue: $31,917.00

Profit: $11,375.78

ROAS: 1.55

The Contrarian ad: 3 Businesses Not To Start In 2022


Cost: $11,190.06

Revenue: $35,264.00

Profit: $24,073.94

ROAS: 3.15

Another Contrarian ad: The Best Business To Start In 2022

Strategy #6: New Facebook Campaign Structure Getting Us More Qualified Leads

First, let’s talk about how we set up these campaigns.

Campaign Setup

We chose the Sales Objective upon creating our campaign.

campaign setup

This will optimize your campaigns to look for leads who are most likely to purchase from you.

Hence why it is important you are already getting good results because the platform will need plenty of sales data to optimize on.

The only thing that we are changing is the campaign objective and running Advantage+ Placements instead of manual which is a very good option for getting started.

changing campaign objective

Take your best-performing audiences and creatives.

We recommend running Adset Budget Optimization (ABO) and stacking 3-5 of your top audiences.

If you have several, then you will end up with a few different ad sets.

Running with the ABO will allow you to have more control over the results versus running a CBO.

Stack up each of your ad sets with all of your best-performing cold creatives.

In our case, we used the 6 winning ads we had.

Here are the results:

Our Other Campaign Strategies

before abo

Versus The Sales Objective Advantage+ Placement Campaigns

after abo

The Results Analysis

I am thrilled to share that from February 3rd to March 4th, 2023, we have achieved a remarkable 4.3 RoAS with an attractive cost per call of $124. 

While we have noted a slightly higher Cost per Unique Customer with these campaigns, we have also observed an impressive AOV. 

The leads are spending more! 

Remarkably, the overall lead cost is $13.5, significantly cheaper than the ad account’s average cost of $17. 

The Numbers Are In

Sales Objective Advantage+ Placements

Calls Booked: 155

Qualified Leads: 61

Quality Rate: 39.3% (+25.5%)

Cost Per Qualified Booking (CPQB): $310.74 (-25.3%)

Conversions Objective Manual Placements

Calls Booked: 590

Qualified Leads: 185

Quality Rate: 31.3%

Cost Per Qualified Booking (CPQB): $416.33

Use the Right Media Buying Strategy for Your Ad Space

How to get more coaching clients and how to market a coaching business are two of the most common questions and obstacles that we see our coaches facing. 

It’s not your fault if your current marketing strategies aren’t generating the desired number of clients for your coaching business…and you’re certainly not alone!

Try these six strategies to scale your marketing efforts today! 

If it feels overwhelming or you’d rather focus your limited time and effort on serving your clients rather than your marketing, then book a call now to let us scale your ads.

Marketing for coaches can be simple…but it’s not always the best use of your time as the coach (though it’s absolutely necessary so that you have clients to be able to coach!)

That’s why we want to help you set up the best marketing strategy for your coaching business.

If you want a high-class team of experts to take care of all the copywriting, and video editing, and have the whole strategy executed for you…

…Then click here to book a Strategy Session. We’ll provide you with clear action steps you can take to make your marketing more profitable!

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