You’re ready to amplify your coaching business through paid advertising…but navigating the world of coaching ads can be daunting. 

Which platform is best? 

How do you optimize your ads for maximum impact? 

We will provide you with a strategic roadmap to overcome the challenges that accompany the creation and optimization of coaching ads. 

No more decision paralysis as we reveal the specific factors you need to focus on in order to optimize your coaching ads effectively. 

By following our proven tactics, you’ll avoid wasting precious resources and seizing missed opportunities.

We understand the complexities of advertising platforms and have curated a comprehensive guide to simplify your journey based on our experience running thousands of ads and hundreds of millions of dollars of ad spend. 

From selecting the ideal platform to ensuring your ads connect deeply with your target audience, we’ve got you covered in today’s article.

What’s the Secret to Coaching Ads?

While many agencies focus on vanity metrics like cheap leads and booked calls, there is a secret ingredient that can truly transform your advertising outcomes.

The Secret Ingredient To Closing More Deals

The secret ingredient that no one is telling you about is the fact that you need to be optimizing your ads for qualified prospects. 

We have worked with over 200 coaches and consultants and they all say the same thing: 

“I’m struggling to close more deals because we’re getting unqualified leads on the phone.” 

If you’ve experienced this frustration, rest assured that you’re not alone. 

The truth is, optimizing for vanity metrics like cheap leads and booked calls can only take you so far. The real secret to achieving a successful outcome lies in optimizing your ads for qualified prospects. 

Why You Need To Optimize Your Marketing Strategy Around Qualified Leads (QLs)

Qualified prospects are individuals who are genuinely interested in your coaching services, align with your target audience profile, and have a higher likelihood of converting into paying clients. 

By focusing your efforts on attracting and engaging these qualified prospects, you can significantly enhance your results and maximize your return on investment.

At our agency, we understand the importance of lead quality optimization in creating successful coaching ad campaigns across any platform. 

Our lead quality optimization process is the missing piece that can revolutionize your advertising outcomes and help you achieve meaningful results. 

Ensure that your ads attract individuals who resonate with your coaching style, values, and objectives by implementing this process.

find clients that fit you

Higher Morale Creates An Upward Spiral Effect 

This, in turn, leads to a more efficient sales process, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, greater success in your coaching business.

So how can you optimize your coaching ads for qualified prospects? 

It begins with gaining a comprehensive understanding of your target market and their pain points.

By conducting thorough market research and crafting a compelling value proposition, you can create ads that directly address the needs and aspirations of your ideal clients. 

Additionally, leveraging effective targeting strategies and incorporating qualifying questions in your lead capture process can further filter out unqualified leads.

By following these proven tactics and implementing our lead quality optimization process, you will be equipped to attract and engage qualified prospects through your coaching ads.

Get ready to revolutionize your advertising approach and elevate your coaching business to new heights

Let’s dive in and unlock the power of coaching ads optimized for qualified prospects.

How to Create a Coaching Ad That Works in 2023

When it comes to creating coaching ads that yield results in 2023, a strategic approach is essential. 

Whether you’re creating life coaching ads, using Facebook ads for coaches, or any other type of coaching ad, understanding these 3 key steps can make all the difference.

Let’s walk through these crucial steps to help you create coaching ads that captivate your audience and drive action.

Step #1: Create an irresistible offer

offer client can't refuse

The first step in creating a successful coaching ad is to develop an irresistible offer. 

The Lamborghini Analogy

Think of it like selling a Lamborghini for $10,000 versus a Honda Accord for $250,000.

Even the best copywriter would struggle to sell the Accord at a higher price, while anyone could easily sell the Lamborghini at a lower price. 

Your offer needs to be so compelling that it becomes a no-brainer for your target audience.

By creating an offer that is as enticing as purchasing a Lamborghini at a fraction of the cost, you’ll capture the attention and interest of your potential clients.

You can tell if your offer is irresistible if it’s as big of a no-brainer as purchasing a Lamborghini for $10,000.

Step #2: Generate Big Ideas

Next, focus on generating 10-15 big ideas for your coaching ads.

The key to a successful ad lies in having a captivating and memorable concept. Your messaging needs to resonate with your audience on an emotional level, cutting through the noise and inspiring action.

You can generate big ideas by:

  • Targeted market research, 
  • Leveraging commonly-known trends, or 
  • By presenting your unique mechanism in a creative way

Here are some examples of each type:

  • Target Market Research

This TikTok advertisement is a great example of the success that can happen through doing thorough target market research.

TikTok Ad Example

We knew that his target market was people looking to start businesses and they were already looking at opportunities with Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, and Real Estate. 

We capitalized on this by directly calling out those people and creating controversy by saying the opportunities they believe work actually do not work.

The Results

Spend: $89,375.56

Total Revenue: $345,701.00

Profit: $256,325.44

ROAS: 3.87

  • Commonly-Known Trends

This YouTube ad is a key example of how you can take advantage of a commonly-known trend within your target audience to really pull them in. 

YouTube Ad Example

We started out the ad with a right-hook by saying “let me show you some real estate p*rn.” The results really speak for themselves because the view rate for this ad is way above average.

The Results

CTR: 1.2%

Avg CPC: $4.14

Avg CPM: $49.83

View Rate: 39.44%

  • Creative Presentation of Unique Mechanism

This presentation of Russ Ruffino’s unique mechanism is one of our best ads with him to date. 

Russ Ruffino Unique Mechanism Example

No one we’ve seen has put out an ad like this so it worked really well to cut through the noise of other offers.

Using unique angles like this for your advertisements will surely help pull in your audience and make your videos much more engaging.

The Results

CTR: 0.88%

Avg CPC: $5.68

Avg CPM: $49.76

View Rate: 18.94%

Step #3: Test to find winners

Once you have your ads in place, it’s time to put them to the test in the marketplace. 

Testing is crucial for identifying winners and optimizing your advertising strategy. In our experience, we often find that around 15-20% of ads outperform the control group. 

That means if you need to put out 10-15 well-crafted ads, you can expect to find 1-3 that align with your key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliver the desired results. 

By carefully analyzing the data and refining your approach, you can maximize the effectiveness of your coaching ads.

By following these 3 key steps and understanding the importance of platform selection, you will be well-equipped to create effective coaching ads in 2023 that captivate your audience, inspire action, and achieve remarkable results in your coaching business.

Which Platforms Should You Run Your Coaching Ads On?

Now that you’ve created coaching ads, what platforms should you run your ads on & why? 

Keep reading, and we’ll explore the best platforms to run your coaching ads on and why they are ideal choices.

We’ll provide insights into selecting the platforms that align with your target audience and business goals, enabling you to maximize your reach and engagement.

Let’s dive in and unlock the potential of your coaching ads across various platforms.

How to Optimize Your Coaching Ads for Every Platform

Instagram and Facebook

Instagram ads pair very well with Facebook ads. There are 3 primary placements we see work the best on both of these platforms:

  1. The main feed – Ads that show up in the main feed are showing up on the homepage where users spend the most time scrolling.
  2. Stories – Story ads are extremely lucrative with the number of users now engaging with Facebook stories because these show up at the very top of the homepage.
  3. Reels – These help you to get discovered by anyone and reach users who don’t necessarily follow you, and help humanize your brand in a fun way.

The same placements that work the best on Instagram also work on Facebook, making these 2 great for publishing and distributing content for your advertising.

Take a look at this case study of how we took a High-Ticket Offer From Net Loss to $751,307 Net Profit In Five Months Using Facebook Ads.


On YouTube, we primarily run In-Stream ads because, for coaches, we are focused on getting conversions instead of leveraging unskippable ads for brand awareness.

YouTube is unique compared to the other platforms because you’re capitalizing on traffic who is on the platform to learn and be entertained.

Similarly to Google Search, you’re finding really good leads who are already looking for solutions to their problems versus users who are simply looking to keep up with their family and friends such as on Facebook and Instagram.


We are looking to hit the main feed on TikTok and it is a pretty straightforward platform in terms of functionality.

TikTok is the new kid on the block and because of this, they have really cheap traffic making this a great platform for coaches to hit.

A lot of people don’t think that they can find high-quality leads ready to buy on TikTok and it’s simply not the case. Scroll back up to the target market research example and you’ll see how we’re crushing it on TikTok.

Bonus: Best Type of Call Funnel You Can Use For Your Coaching Ads With Examples

We have seen tremendous success with webinar funnels, case study funnels, and setter funnels. Take a look at the examples and results below.

Example #1: Clients On Demand Webinar Funnel

russ ruffino webinar funnel

Russ Ruffino’s 45-minute webinar funnel is a prime example of how many influencers, experts, coaches, authors, and speakers have become millionaires through their paid advertising efforts.

The webinar funnel is a staple for many and we continue to recommend this style to many of our clients on our roster.

If you build out this style of funnel—and build it well—you could have a predictable profit system that lasts you for years.

Example #2: Douglas James Case Study Funnel

douglas james case study funnel

A case study funnel is a powerful marketing approach that leverages the effectiveness of real-life success stories to generate leads and convert them into customers. 

It works by showcasing specific examples of how your coaching services have helped clients achieve their goals, solve problems, or experience transformational results.

The Douglas James case study funnel is another example of a predictable profit engine that has lasted years. 

The case study-styled video can be remarkable at pre-selling leads when done right.

We use these styles of videos for our own business as well and absolutely crush it. So if you’re not leveraging case studies in your own business, you NEED to start.

Why Case Study Funnels Work So Well

Case study funnels work effectively for several reasons:

  • Social Proof:

    They present real-life examples of how your coaching services have made a positive impact on clients. Potential leads can see that others have achieved their desired results, building trust and confidence in your services.

  • Storytelling:

    Case studies engage leads through storytelling, allowing them to connect emotionally with the client’s journey. This emotional connection helps establish rapport and fosters a sense of credibility and authenticity.

  • Specificity and Relevance:

    Case studies demonstrate the specific ways in which your coaching services address the needs and challenges of your target audience, which makes it easier for potential leads to envision how your services can benefit them personally.

  • Overcoming Objections:

    Case studies can address common objections or concerns that potential leads may have. By showcasing how your coaching services have successfully addressed similar challenges, you can alleviate doubts and increase confidence in your ability to deliver results.

Basically, case study funnels work by leveraging real-life success stories and showcasing the positive outcomes of your coaching services to effectively generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

Example #3: Setter Funnel

setter funnel

The appointment setter funnel is a powerful approach that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your sales process. This particular style of funnel focuses on developing a team of skilled setters within your sales department.

When leads opt-in to your funnel, instead of directly connecting them with your closers, the setters take on the initial contact and qualification process. 

They are responsible for reaching out to the leads within the first 5 minutes of their opt-in and scheduling appointments for further discussions.

The appointment setters play a crucial role in building rapport, gathering additional information, and qualifying the leads before passing them on to the closers. 

By having dedicated setters handle this initial stage, your closers can focus on what they do best—closing deals and converting qualified leads into paying clients.

This style of funnel is less common but has proven to be extremely profitable and effective for a few of our clients.

By integrating setters into your sales department, you can streamline the lead qualification process, ensure prompt follow-up, and improve overall conversion rates.

Key To Success With Setter Funnel

The key to success with the appointment setter funnel lies in the effectiveness of your setters. 

They should be well-trained in engaging with leads, understanding their needs, and effectively communicating the value of your coaching services. 

Their goal is to establish a connection, build trust, and set the stage for a successful sales call with the closers.

Implementing the appointment setter funnel can bring numerous benefits to your coaching business. 

It allows for more efficient lead management, ensures timely and personalized follow-up, and optimizes the use of your closers’ time and expertise. 

Ultimately, this approach can significantly improve your sales conversion rates, increase revenue, and contribute to the overall growth of your business.

Consider exploring the appointment setter funnel as a valuable addition to your sales process. 

By leveraging the expertise of setters and providing them with the necessary training and resources, you can elevate your sales efforts and create a more streamlined and effective system for converting leads into clients.

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