Are you running out of ideas for YouTube ad video content? Then looking to some of the most successful YouTube ads could spark your inspiration. 

We’ve reviewed 31 of the best YouTube ads of all time and broken them into categories describing what they did well. Here’s our review of the top YouTube ad examples that you can use to tailor your video campaigns.

Short & Sweet YouTube Ad Examples

Of course, short and sweet YouTube ads also have their place. The best short ads draw viewers in with engaging opening lines and keep them interested until the last second. Here are a few short and sweet ads that have performed well:

#1 Rachel Rofe’s ‘Low-Hanging’ System: Mini Income Streams

This engaging advertisement from Rachel Rofe is just a few minutes long, but it’s received 17 million views. The ad:

  • Features engaging colors
  • Takes a down-to-Earth approach
  • Stays engaging throughout

#2 Russell Brunson: 3 Core Funnel Ads

Russell Brunson’s ad is just over a minute long, but it packs valuable, engaging content into its short time slot. This ad also encourages viewers to leave their emails below the video, giving Brunson additional opportunities to market to them.

#3 Max Tornow: Clients Learning to Monetize Their Skill

Tornow asks his students how much money they’ve made in the past month. The ad moves quickly, inviting viewers to follow along until the end of the two and a half minutes.

#4 Honey: @MrBeast’s Mom Challenge

This ad is only 47 seconds long, but it’s proven successful because:

  • It features a famous influencer (MrBeast)
  • It uses humor to keep the viewer engaged
  • It includes upbeat background music and engaging graphics

Vlog-Style YouTube Ads

Vlog-style ads can eliminate the sales tone from advertisements while presenting valuable content about a company or product. Here are a few examples:

#5 WealthPress: Blitz Ad

This vlog-style ad from WealthPress has accumulated an outstanding 20.8 million views since its posting in June of 2020. It’s been successful because:

  • It targets the right people (users looking to make money)
  • It’s casual — the advertiser talks to the viewer like they’re friends
  • It breaks up the content with engaging photos and short video clips

#6 Grant Cardone: Private Jet

In this ad, Grant Cardone shoots a casual vlog while walking through his private jet, showing what viewers could achieve if they purchase his products.

#7 V Shred: Tips

#8 V Shred: 5 Tips

These vlog-style videos utilize TikTok aspect ratios and a casual tone, inviting viewers to follow along to see what information they can glean from someone just like them.

Question/Answer YouTube Ads

The question/answer ad style can immediately give viewers a reason to continue watching the advertisement. Here are a few examples:

#9 Mikkelsen Twins: Why Do You Not Know This?

The Mikkelsen Twins created a highly successful ad that has received 23.9 million views. This ad begins with a question: Why do you not know this? Then, it explains how simple and easy it is to make money on Amazon.

#10 Credit Secrets: Pop Quiz

This successful ad from Credit Secrets immediately asks the viewer an important question: What’s the fastest way to raise your credit score? The ad explains why the answer may be different from what the viewer expects.

#11 Scot Phillips: Crypto Funnel

This YouTube ad begins with the question, “How would you like to turn one bitcoin into ten bitcoins without taking any crazy risks?” Viewers are encouraged to continue watching to learn the answer.

#12 COD Media: COD Warehouse

“Do you know where your next client is coming from?” If not, you’ll want to continue watching COD Media’s ad.

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#13 Training With Jeff: Investment Angle

Training With Jeff’s ad begins with an engaging question for investors: “Wanna know where to invest $1,000 right now?” This powerful question encourages viewers to continue watching and learn the answer that could improve their investment revenue.

Problem/Solution YouTube Ads

Some of the most effective marketing material follows the problem/solution formula: highlighting a problem that the average viewer faces, then presenting an easy solution. Sometimes, providing this solution is enough to keep viewers engaged from beginning to end.

#14 Jono Armstrong: Making Money From YouTube Without Creating Videos

In this ad, Jono Armstrong presents a simple way for viewers to make money on YouTube. The ad has accumulated 22.9 million views in just over a year. It’s proven highly successful because it:

  • Presents an easy way for the average viewer to make money
  • Takes place in a beautiful location with palm trees in the background, increasing engagement
  • Takes a personable, down-to-earth tone

#15 SamCart: Webinar

This ad presents a solution to the problem that many entrepreneurs face when beginning their online businesses.

#16 Tai Lopez: REV

Tai Lopez’s ad acknowledges a pain point that many investors face: regret over not investing in Google or Tesla in 2009.

It then presents a solution: investing in Lopez’s next big opportunity.

#17 COD Media: Healthcare Ad

This ad addresses a very specific population: healthcare professionals. It presents a common problem amongst chiropractors, dentists, and other professionals in similar fields — feeling trapped in their offices — and offers an effective solution.

Collective Pain Points YouTube Ads

Highlighting pain points your viewers face can help them feel connected to your company. Here are a few examples of ads that emphasize collective pain points among viewers:

#18 MasterClass: Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home

In this ad for MasterClass, Gordon Ramsay discusses the barrier at-home cooks face when creating restaurant-quality dishes. This clean, professional ad shows Gordon creating impressive dishes while encouraging viewers that they could do the same — if they purchase a MasterClass subscription.

#19 Jeff Lerner: The Fastest Way to Become a Millionaire in the New Economy

This ad touches on a pain point many Americans are currently facing: staying afloat within the “new economy.” Then, it presents an easy solution for viewers to increase their incomes and decrease their financial struggles.

#20 The Sales Mentor: Jet Shoot Promotion Story

This video ad from The Sales Mentor highlights a challenge many people in the American workforce have faced. It begins with the phrase “We’ve just given you a 40 cent raise!” before asking the viewer if they’ve ever heard a similar phrase from an employer.

Then, The Sales Mentor presents an alternative to dead-end, low-paying jobs.

#21 Dan Lok: Clients Say, “I Am Not Interested”

Dan Lok’s ad empathizes with how frustrating it is to hear “I’m not interested” from a potential client, then explains how to bypass this excuse in your marketing efforts.

Attention Grabber YouTube Ads

Sometimes, simply grabbing your viewers’ attention from the get-go is an effective way to persuade them to continue watching. Here are a few ads that use the attention-grabbing method successfully.

#22 Tom Wang: Stop

This ad begins with a loud “STOP” accompanied by an image of a stop sign. It’s grabbed the attention of 37.9 million viewers.

#23 Douglas James: Here’s 100K

This ad begins with an attention-grabbing offer: “Here’s $100,000.” Over 18 million viewers have continued watching to learn how to receive this money.

#24 Tai Lopez: REV

This ad from Tai Lopez uses a news-style format to draw viewers in immediately.

#25 The Sales Mentor: Cash Boat

Another ad from the Sales Mentor begins with “Here is $35,000.”

#26 Training With Jeff: House vs. Laptop

Training With Jeff asks an attention-grabbing question: Which is worth more, a house or a laptop?”

#27 Tai Lopez: Here In My Garage

No knaaawwwleedgeable “top YouTube Ad” list would be complete without Tai Lopez’s “Here in my Garage…”

Proof of Success YouTube Ads

Telling your viewers that your products or services are worthwhile isn’t always effective. Instead, you could gain better results by showing them proof of your success. Here are two YouTube ads that use the proof of success model.

In these videos from The Sales Mentor, several students report how much money they made in the last week, proving how effective the entrepreneur’s processes are.

#28 The Sales Mentor: Proof of Earnings

#29 The Sales Mentor: Limiting Beliefs

YouTube Ad Skits

Finally, while recording skits may cost a bit more than shooting a quick vlog-style video, these ads tend to be more engaging and offer a higher ROAS. Here are two skit ads that have proven successful:

#30 Training With Jeff: JSP Ad

This skit-style ad has accumulated 1.7 million views.

#31 Flooring Funnel Broker: This Gold Digger Got Rich Painting Nude Squirrels

Meanwhile, this humorous skit from Flooring Funnel Broker has drawn in tens of thousands of viewers through its intriguing, unique storyline.

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