Are you wondering whether it’s possible to achieve $1.5 million in profit using YouTube ads? That’s what Client Accelerators achieved for Russ Ruffino over the past 12 months.

Russ Ruffino is the CEO and founder of Clients on Demand. He is a top-performing marketing coach and consultant who employs innovative strategies to help thought leaders, service professionals, and businesses scale up. Clients on Demand landed a spot in Inc. Magazine’s list of the top 500 fastest-growing American companies.

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Learn more about how Client Accelerators helped Russ Ruffino grow his business with YouTube ads.

The Background

Here is the YouTube ad formula that Client Accelerators employed for Russ Ruffino and many other businesses across different industries:

Russ Ruffino had put his business on the map by advertising on Facebook. However, Russ also knew that he would need diverse channels to reach clients. Over the next six years, Clients on Demand tried to repeat their advertising success on YouTube, but none of their YouTube ad campaigns achieved the target results.

Russ Ruffino worked with both in-house advertising teams and various advertising agencies. The outcomes were disconcerting: advertising on YouTube was slow, ineffective, and expensive.

The Problem

Formulas that deliver outstanding results on other channels may fail on YouTube because YouTube campaigns require a specific structure. The advertising professionals Russ hired tried to transfer advertising strategies from Facebook to YouTube using the same mold. Naturally, it didn’t work.

Russ Ruffino aimed to use YouTube to promote his $10,000 consulting package. With his previous YouTube campaigns, bringing in a new client cost $32,000, so Russ was losing a lot of money on YouTube advertising.

The Challenges

YouTube is a mega platform with highly intense competition. Thousands of videos are vying for the attention of each potential client, and the main challenge is catching people’s eye before they move on to something else.

An ad has only a couple of seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. Since ads usually appear at the start or in the middle of a video, viewers see them as disruptions. Their first instinct is to skip the ad and go on with the video they were planning to watch. 

The Solution

Client Accelerators changed the entire picture of Russ Ruffino’s YouTube advertising by following a formula that works for YouTube ads. The YouTube advertising team rewrote Russ’s whole advertising strategy to give his business ads a stronger foothold in YouTube’s ecosystem.

We worked with Russ Ruffino to create an introductory video that cuts right to the point by presenting Russ as the quintessential coach: friendly, energetic, and down to earth.

In his ad, Russ gives a brief and powerful message: “This video has the power to transform your life.” He zeroes in on his target audience and addresses professionals who change their clients’ lives, such as authors, speakers, and coaches.

Russ appeals to busy professionals by packing his client attraction strategy into one 45-minute presentation. He stresses that he doesn’t spend all day online creating content and interacting on social media. This statement piques the interest of businesspeople with tight schedules. They want to know how this coach does what he does and how his methods can apply to their business.

The Russ Ruffino Method


Capture the Viewer’s Attention

A powerful YouTube ad instantly grabs viewers’ attention by targeting their needs or interests. For example, a video may start with “Do you want more clients and leads?”

The viewer who was about to tap “Skip Ad” pauses. “Yes, I do need more clients,” they say. “I want to know more!”


Present Authority

As a YouTube ad starts playing, viewers think, “Who is this, and why should I listen to them?” As soon as the video delivers its hook, professionals should present their authority (“We are a first-class business coaching agency that has worked with top brands like Adidas and Porsche”).

The ad should highlight the professional’s biggest achievements, such as helping clients win a major award or boost profits. Russ Ruffino says, “My clients made a total of over half a billion dollars in coaching revenue.” This impressive talking point marks him as an expert in his niche.


Showcase Success

A professional should back impressive claims with tangible proof in their YouTube ad to gain credibility. Proof may include video testimonials, screenshots from a Facebook group, or emails from happy clients.

In his video ad, Russ Ruffino takes viewers into the Stripe account of Clients on Demand and shows that his company has generated over $50 million over the past few years. Russ’s video also includes client screenshots with statements like “I made $86K in the last 48 hours.”

It’s easy to see how these numbers make a potential client say, “This guy is the real deal. I want him to teach me!”


Show More Proof of Success

The layering of proof and calls to action in a YouTube ad help attract those people who are still hesitating after the first CTA.

The competition on YouTube is insane in almost every industry. Packing as much genuine proof as possible into a video ad helps professionals present a competent, trustworthy image.

As a highly successful coach, Russ Ruffino can easily leverage a wealth of proof to support his claims. After the first CTA, Russ gives his audience some examples of how the presentation he offers for free viewing changed the lives of real clients like Brian, a handstand coach who made nearly $300,000 in two weeks using principles he learned in Clients on Demand.


Give a Compelling First CTA

After grabbing a viewer’s attention, presenting credentials, and showcasing success, it is vital to issue a clear and powerful call to action that leads to a landing page and opt-in field (“Book a consultation here”).

It’s important to show potential customers exactly what they should do (“Click here, land on the page, and enter your information”). Client Accelerators estimates that an ultra-clear and compelling CTA increases conversion rates and lowers cost per lead by about 15% to 20%.

Russ Ruffino’s call to action is highly powerful: “I want you to check this presentation NOW.” He directs the viewer to click on the link under the video, which will take them to the sign-up page.

Russ’s sign-up page includes a 24-hour pass to view his core presentation. The limited offer creates a sense of urgency that motivates people to sign up.


Final CTA With Landing Page

The end of the video ad should include a second call to action that presents the landing page and shows potential clients exactly what they need to do. The CTA should be brief and super simple.

By implementing these steps, Client Accelerators helped Russ Ruffino leverage the power of YouTube to promote his coaching business.

Russ Ruffino’s Results


Cost Per Lead


Cost Per Booked Call


Cost Per New Client

Before hiring Client Accelerators for his YouTube ad campaign, Russ Ruffino paid $39 for every YouTube lead, $1,200 for a booked call, and $32,000 for every new client.

With Client Accelerators, Russ Ruffino’s client acquisition costs dropped to $29 per lead, $312 per booked call, and $3,650 per new client.

That means Russ is now paying about 10 times less for every acquired client!

This isn’t magic; it’s a method. The YouTube pros of Client Accelerators know how YouTube works and implement effective strategies for advertising success on this platform.

How Client Accelerators Produces Efficient YouTube Campaigns

The secret of Client Accelerators is in clever YouTube ad scripting. Our YouTube ads yield a high ROI thanks to an effective formula:


Calling out the target audience


Presenting the business or service


Showing proof of success


Providing an extremely clear and simple call to action


Showing more proof


Giving another, final call to action

From experience, the Client Accelerators team recommends that YouTube video ads run between two and three minutes. This timeframe is short enough to sustain the viewer’s attention throughout the video but long enough to present all the vital information, like professional authority and proof of success.

Client Accelerators also uses HYROS (a robust ad tracking software for digital businesses) and Google Analytics to track the success of advertising campaigns for Russ Ruffino and other clients.

By entering Russ’s conversion data into Google Analytics, Client Accelerators can view in-market segments and affinity audiences, which provides useful information regarding which population groups are likelier to convert following a YouTube ad.

This approach of in-depth analysis has helped preserve Russ Ruffino’s ad-generated revenue even as the release of iOS14 placed restrictions on user data collection and sharing in 2021.

Harness the Power of YouTube With Client Accelerators

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