Are you eager to start advertising your consulting services, but find yourself stuck in the complexities of creating strategic ads for your chosen platforms?

We will tackle these consulting advertising pain points head-on and equip you with practical solutions for how to market consulting services. 

Consider this article your guide to walking you through how to build ads for your consulting services based on both the specific type of consulting business you have and which platform you want to use to advertise. 

We’ll share key strategies and invaluable insights that we’ve uncovered through our clients’ successes so that you can follow the crucial steps required to stand out amidst your competitors and effectively market your consulting services, all while avoiding the pitfalls of wasted ad spend. 

Get ready to elevate your advertising game and witness your consulting business flourish like never before.

How Do Successful Consulting Businesses Advertise Their Services?

Let’s take our client Meg Touhey’s marriage and relationship consulting business for example. Before they began working with us, they were doing around $90k/month (link to case study) in net profit which is a little over 7 figures every year.

The main reason they couldn’t grow was because they were married to the idea that their cost per booked call needed to stay the same even at tripled the volume. 

Most advertisers know that this just isn’t feasible and it’s because when you scale, your cost per click is expected to rise by about 20-30% which impacts all of the metrics down the funnel.

We Took Them From $92k/Month To $336k/Month In Net Profit

When we took them on, we presented them with this info, earned their trust, and ended up taking them from $92k/month to $336k/month in net profit. 

Their cost per booked call may have gone up but their profits nearly quadrupled and it made all the difference for their business.

First, Identify Your Type of Consulting Services

It is crucial to first identify the specific type of services you offer before diving into paid advertising. We’ve observed 3 main types of consulting services that have seen significant success with paid advertising strategies.

Service Type #1: Business Consulting

Business consulting services are a lot more niche-specific because you’re looking for someone who has a very specific problem. This makes finding the right businesses to work with much more difficult and expensive.

However, you’re in luck because we have tested hundreds of different types of audience across each niche and each platform so we know what will work best for your offer.

Service Type #2: Relationship Consulting

Relationship consulting services are also very niche-specific as well because you’re looking for someone who’s experiencing a specific problem in their relationship and who can afford your services.

In order to find these people, it is critical that you are calling out these specific problems in your advertisements.

Doing target market research on your avatar’s specific situation and incorporating that into your messaging is going to help you convert at much higher rates.

target market research

Service Type #3: Career Consulting

If you’re targeting specific career levels within a company, then you’re likely looking to work with executive-level people who can afford your services. 

These are the best types of people to target because they have the ‘bleeding-neck’ problem of lack of work/life balance and enough disposable income to be able to pay for high-ticket items.

We’ve found that businesses who are advertising in this space really need to implement a lead quality process to filter out unqualified prospects and optimize their campaigns to bring in the best candidates for their services (See more about that here).

Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Paid Ads

By recognizing the type of consulting services you offer and tailoring your advertising strategies accordingly, you can maximize the effectiveness of your paid advertisements. 

Whether it’s business, relationship, or career consulting, embracing a niche-specific approach and employing targeted messaging will set you on the path to success in the competitive world of consulting services.

To optimize your campaigns further, consider implementing lead quality processes to attract the most qualified prospects. 

In the next section, we’ll dive deeper into deciding which platforms are best to make your consulting advertising a resounding success.

Next: Which Platform Do You Need to Advertise Your Consulting Services?

platforms to advertise your consulting services

As you venture into advertising your consulting business, choosing the right platform is key. Each platform offers unique targeting options that can significantly impact the success of your campaigns. 

In this section, we’ll explore 3 powerful platforms – Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube Ads – that hold immense potential for promoting your consulting services. 

From hyper-specific interest-based targeting to the ability to convey your brand’s voice through video, these platforms present compelling opportunities to reach your ideal clients effectively. 

Let’s discover how to leverage their targeting capabilities and tap into their vast audiences to maximize the impact of your consulting advertisements.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have great potential for your consulting services. The targeting alone allows you to hone in on specific groups of people to deliver your ads to.

There is interest-based targeting, such as:

    i. Entrepreneurship

    ii. Coaching

    iii. Gary Vee

    iv. Grant Cardone

    v. Divorce

    vi. Marriage Counseling

    vii. Dating

    viii. Relationships

    ix. Career Counseling

    x. Hyper-specific influencers your target market follows

And there is also targeting specific positions in companies, such as:

    xi. CEO

    xii. Executives (as seen in the image above)

    xiii. Managers

    xiv. Tech

Instagram Ads

Similar to Facebook ads, Instagram ads have the same exact targeting options because they both run out of the Ads Manager owned by Facebook.

Not only that, the ads can be easily dispersed across both of the platforms, meaning the ads you post on Facebook can be posted to Instagram and vice versa.

The Facebook Version

ads facebook version example

The Instagram Version

ads instagram version example

With Instagram’s targeting options and its compatibility with Facebook, it makes it one of the top platforms for you to advertise your consulting services on.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads also provide your business with fantastic targeting options. There are 3 primary modes of targeting we leverage on YouTube for our clients which include: Custom Intent, Custom Affinity, and In-Market Segments.

This screenshot below depicts over $94k spent on family vacationers, $71k targeting people with advanced college degrees, and over $150k targeting people in the market for career consulting services.

Not only do you have great targeting opportunities, but you also have a great platform to convey your brand’s voice on with strictly video-based content

Take this ad that we spent over $350k on for example.

Island Story Ad Example

In this curiosity-peaking story ad, Kate Byars directly calls out to her audience in the first 3 seconds and goes on to tell her amazing story about how she came to be where she is today. 

Creatives like this can send chills shivering down your prospects’ spines, bringing them to resonate with your business and mission more than all of your competitors.

With YouTube’s great targeting options and capabilities of conveying your brand’s voice through video, it makes it another fantastic option to advertise your consulting services on.

How to Build Out the Perfect Ad Campaign for Your Consulting Services

There are 3 critical components you must master when setting up consulting ads. 

They include: setting up a third-party tracking platform to comprehensively monitor your customers’ journey from initial ad click to final sale; implementing a lead quality process (you can steal ours!) to ensure a continuous influx of high-quality leads; and lastly, honing in on your messaging to precisely target your customer avatar. 

By crafting ads that resonate with their specific pain points and experiences, you’ll captivate your audience and compel them to take action. 

Let’s dive into each of these 3 essential components and discover how they can transform your consulting advertising.

Setting Up Hyros Tracking

In order to ensure success for your paid advertising efforts, you NEED to set up Hyros—a third-party tracking platform that allows you to track your customers from their initial ad click all the way through to the sale. 

You’ll be able to see everything they do and measure which actions are the most profitable for your business.

Not only that, Hyros is 95% accurate whereas the ad platform is off by up to 60% as presented down below.

hyros tracking

Implementing A Lead Quality Process

The secret sauce that is really going to drive your advertising efforts is continuously working to bring in better and better leads for your business.

In order to do this for our clients, we have spent years developing our Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) process which consistently helps our clients drive 35 – 50% MQLs out of all the leads coming into their business.

We leverage advanced funnel technology to integrate with your sales funnel and collect information about every single lead that comes through. 

It allows us to identify whether each lead is not qualified, qualified, or super qualified and exactly which ads are producing the most qualified and super qualified leads.

The Lead Quality Process Works Like This:

lead quality process

On a geeky, technical level, we also only send qualified lead information back to the ad platforms so our campaigns only optimize on MQL information while we throw out all of the non-qualified lead information. 

We run into companies struggling with more and more under-qualified leads and it’s because they don’t have this system set up.

Honing In Your Messaging On Your Customer Avatar

In order to capture your specific avatar, you need to be very specific with your messaging.

For example, if you want to work with executive women who are burnt out from working 80 or more hours per week and don’t get to spend any time with their families, then incorporate that into your ads.

Always Callout Your Audience

You’ll want to call out your audience within the first 3-5 seconds to hook them. Then, you need to have sufficient research on them to keep them captivated, watching all the way through to the end, and ultimately taking action by booking a call with your team.

By analyzing their pain points and discovering more about their specific situation, you can easily identify areas in your own life where you can share your own story to get them to resonate with you more. (like Kate did in the example above).

Scale Your Ads and Get Consulting Clients With Client Accelerators

Now you know how to identify your type of consulting services, choose your best platform to advertise on, and how to build out the perfect ad campaign for your consulting services to make the most out of your consulting advertising spend.

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