REVEALED: How We Used Sales Objective Advantage+ Facebook Campaigns To Increase ROI From 215.81% to 329.7% For An Increase Of 52.7%

Are you looking for the best way to advertise on Facebook for an impressive return on your investment? Maybe you’re tired of spending hundreds on Facebook ads only to end up with disappointing results. If this sounds like you, we’re here to show you how our Facebook advertising strategy can help!

Through its high-ticket mentoring programs, Amped Local teaches people how to build and scale their own profitable lead generation companies. Under the guidance of coach Douglas James, clients learn how to create passive income streams that can earn them thousands in pure profit each month.

Amped Local had already enjoyed some success with Facebook ads, but our agency wanted to push these results even further.

Today, we want to share with you our top strategies that we used to boost Amped Local’s Facebook advertising ROI from 215.81% to 329.7%. That’s an incredible increase of 52.7%!

The Campaign Structure We Used to Increase ROI From 215.81% to 329.7% for an Increase of 52.7%

As you can see from the month prior, we’d already nailed down the cost per call and cost per lead for Amped Local’s FB ads. Amped Local was spending $17.97 per lead and $120.84 per call, but our goal was to lower these costs for an even better ROI.

Facebook advertising can be challenging to use if you don’t launch your campaign with a strong plan of attack. When we first met Amped Local, they were fed up with finding one unqualified lead after another. These leads were never going to convert simply because they weren’t in Amped Local’s target audience.

For instance, Amped Local’s high-ticket coaching packages start at $10,000. What’s the point of advertising to people who lack the financial resources to invest?

Once we realized that and switched up our strategy with different ad creatives, the qualified leads came rolling in.

At this point, we were already getting great results, but we knew we could do even better. For this Facebook advertising strategy, we decided to stick with our top six creatives because we already knew they were winners.

For our current Facebook campaign, we chose the Sales objective. This option works great for businesses that have seen some success with Facebook ads already. It pulls sales data from your other campaigns and uses that to find leads who are most likely to convert.

When you start building your campaign, Facebook gives you the option of choosing a manual or Advantage+ campaign. We’d used the manual option before, but this time, we opted for Advantage+.

Think of Advantage+ as a pre-set campaign that simplifies the advertising process. With this option, you don’t need to choose all of your settings from scratch. But you can still customize your budget, audience, and conversion location, as we did for Amped Local.

We also opted for Ad Set Budget Optimization (ABO) over Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO). ABO gives you greater control over how much you spend on each ad set. It takes a bit more manual work, but we’ve found the results to be well worth it.

Using this method, we achieved an amazing 4.3 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and a cost of $124 per call in just one month!

Not only that, but the leads we pulled in spent more, too! We also lowered the overall lead cost to $13.50, far cheaper than the account average cost of $17.

Other Facebook Campaign Setup - 215.81% ROI

Sales Objective+ Campaign Setup - 329.7% ROI (4.3 ROAS)

How We Use Hyros to Feed Sales Data Back to the Ad Platform

For results like these, you need a sales data reporting platform that actually works. The problem with traditional pixel tracking is that it under and over-reports with a whopping 60% inaccuracy!

So what happened to the Facebook pixel? Once upon a time, the pixel worked great. It would deliver data to marketers unless users opted out of data tracking on their devices. But an update converted the Facebook pixel to an opt-in system, which meant users needed to agree to data tracking for it to work.

As you might expect, many users refused to do this. That significantly cut down on the amount and accuracy of the data available to marketers through Facebook. You simply can’t make good advertising decisions with data that’s not accurate.

That’s where Hyros comes in.

Hyros is a hyper-accurate ad-tracking platform that enables advertisers to track the customer journey every step of the way. It shows what sales came from which ads, tracks your call funnels, and keeps tabs on the ROI of marketing campaigns. It also calculates your ROI over weeks, months, and even years.

Can your usual tracking platform do all of that?

Hyros Offline Conversions

What can you do about leads who click on an ad but don’t purchase until months down the road?

With your usual tracking system, odds are good that you’d lose that information forever.

But Hyros keeps track of each leg of the customer journey from the first ad click all the way to the sale!

We had one case of a lead who first clicked on a Google campaign in December of 2022. Three months later, in March 2023, they made a purchase.

Regular tracking systems would have certainly lost this information by the time the customer made the purchase. Hyros, on the other hand, takes that sale and sends the data right back to the ad platform. It does this even if it’s been months since the first click!

It’s simple to use, too. Just click a button in Hyros options, and you’re all set.

How We Used Sales Objective Advantage+ Facebook Campaigns to Decrease the Cost Per Qualified Booking By 25.3%

For Amped Local, we wanted to drive the Cost Per Qualified Booking (CPQB) down as low as possible. So we asked ourselves: How can we make our campaigns more effective while getting more leads for a better price?

Here’s where Hyros comes to the rescue again. When your tracking is set up right, you can see your lead quality rate. This gives you an accurate picture of which leads are likely to convert and which ones aren’t.

With the data from Hyros, we were able to use Sales Objective Advantage+ campaigns to lower the CPQB by an astonishing 25.3%!

We ran a campaign with one ad set to target our best audiences. These are the audiences that responded well to our ads before and will likely do so again.

We also ran eight different campaigns targeting four niches: real estate, entrepreneurship, military, and healthcare.

Amped Local’s goal was to push their ROAS to 4X. With manual placement, they paid $416.33 per qualified lead with a quality rate of 31.3%. They booked nearly 600 calls using this method, but the quality rate was a bit low for their liking.

Thanks to our Facebook advertising strategy with Sales Objective Advantage+ campaigns, the results we achieved exceeded Amped Local’s expectations in every way!

The Results

Using Facebook Sales Objective Advantage+ campaigns, we reduced Amped Local’s CPQB while reaching even more leads that were highly likely to convert.

With this strategy, Amped Local booked 155 calls and attracted 61 qualified leads soon after we launched our campaign. The quality rate jumped to 39.3% — that’s an increase of 25.5%! We also lowered the CPQB by a whopping 25.3% for a spend of $310.74 per qualified lead.

On top of that, all campaigns using this strategy have achieved a 40% Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) rate, surpassing the previous SQL of 37% by 3%.

This strategy has been so effective that we’re allocating most of Amped Local’s budget to it going forward.

Harness the Power of Facebook Ads with Client Accelerators

By now, we hope you’ve learned more about how Sales Objective Advantage+ can take your advertising results to the next level on Facebook.

If you’ve already seen some success with Facebook advertising but want more qualified leads for a lower cost, this strategy can be an excellent choice for you.

Advantage+ campaigns streamline the ad creation process, too. Instead of spending hours manually creating your campaign from scratch, you can harness your sales data to craft winning campaigns that directly reach your target audience. That means you can spend more time on the important things, like running your business!

We know it’s tough to track down qualified leads. What’s the point of advertising if your ads don’t reach the right people? If you sell high-ticket packages like Amped Local does, people who lack the financial resources to invest in your product simply aren’t going to convert.

This Facebook advertising strategy eliminates that headache. Not only will you target qualified leads who are most likely to buy, but you’ll lower your cost per call and click.

Want to learn more about how to advertise on Facebook? Join Amped Local and our other satisfied clients today! Book a call with us to find out more about advertising on Facebook with Sales Objective Advantage+!