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Client Accelerators is a direct response agency that manages over $40 Million Dollars in ad spend a year across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok and more. We specialize in helping info-product businesses and direct-to-consumer brands scale profitably with paid media.

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Without measurement there is no growth

$375,000 in recurring monthly revenue as of October 2020

We Will Take Care Of The Results,
You Can Take The Credit.

Take your business to a new level

After spending $40 million on Advertising last year, we know what works and what doesn’t. This has allowed us to catapult our agency from 3 people to over 17 in just 1 year. We are the number 1 agency for High Ticket Funnels on YouTube and we have the clientele to back it up. We have worked with some of the biggest people in the industry, including Sophie Howard, Russ Ruffino, Anik Singal and many more.

This is not some old screenshot but it is from the past year!
Massive influx of traffic and leads.
Spent over $18.5 Million

The new generation of media buying is here!

A complete team is assigned to you to make life easier with top quality service and results.

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After spending over $25 million dollars this year in ad spend, here are some of our client testimonials.

Anna Testimonial

Anna Digilio

Guided Readers

Anna runs a program that helps teachers with online learning. We’ve scaled her business to multiple Six Figures through Facebook, Pinterest, and Email marketing.


John Anderson

Multi-Faceted Business Investor

We’ve helped scale one of his brands to $1 Million every month through continuous creative and copy generation for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads while lowering retargeting costs per lead.

Russ Ruffino Testimonial

Russ Ruffino

Clients on Demand

After having trouble with Youtube ads for seven years, our agency helped scale Russ’ high ticket funnel to $10K daily ad spend.

Trey Testimonial

Trey Lewellen

E-Commerce Master Class

Client Accelerators has been working along with Trey for years now, helping him scale his business to a six-figure profit in ONE month utilizing Facebook ads.

Ryan Testimonial

Ryan Hohman

Sales Recruiting Service

We’ve emphasized a continuous push on ads and testing to ensure not only a higher quantity of leads coming in for Ryan’s business, but also a higher quality, through Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube Ads.

Barbara Testimonial

Barbra Laboy

Online Marketing

In only two months, Barbara started receiving a 5x ROI through ad spend on Facebook and Youtube Ads.

Cliff Testimonial

Cliff Garibay

Health and Weight loss company

We helped Cliff hit a 25:1 ROI on cash consistently for his health and weight loss company, keeping him cost-effective and profitable with our ads.

Felix Testimonial

Felix Wisniewski

Organic Marketing to Paid Advertising Success

Having never used paid advertising before, Felix entrusted our agency to scale his business and its ROI using Facebook Ads. We delivered.

TJ Testimonial

Dr. TJ Ahn

Coaching/Consulting for Doctors

After running a weak funnel, Dr. Ahn’s came to our team for improvements. Since then, we’ve taken his funnel and scaled his business considerably.

We are funnel experts in our industry!

Just ask RUSSELL BRUNSON about our CEO!

Over the past 19 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books (making him a New York Times Bestselling Author), popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded the software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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Russell Brunson, Founder of Clickfunnels Testimonial

We are driven by DATA - not emotions

Don’t worry, we are still super friendly and we don’t bite!

We just LOVE numbers 🙂

Furthermore, the data that we gather from our various campaigns are hand-compiled into spreadsheets that we’ve designed to outline daily performance. Our key areas of focus are on finding a breakdown throughout the funnel that can be improved. We analyze every metric from all parts of the funnel to determine where we can add value and improve the conversion rate. Sometimes, the little changes make the biggest difference.

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The new generation of media buying is here!

A complete team is assigned to you to make life easier with top quality service and results

ADs take NO days off..... Just like US

Fundamentally, Client Accelerators is a results-driven advertising agency. This means that we’re constantly checking the numbers, responding in real-time to the green lights and red flags of our data. We track all metrics and pull all data manually into a custom dashboard where your day-to-day results are clearly displayed. Just like our team, ads take no days off! Thus, we start and finish every workweek by identifying the Key Point Indicators that derive meaningful results and ensure our team is hitting your goals.

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